I tested for you... "Cuisine Street" a Food Truck

Good products in a hamburger... It's possible!

Written by Léa, working at Auffay's Tourist Office for the summer 2020.


Created in 2014 by Aurélien, this food truck is known for its delicious hamburgers, its chips and its made home desserts.

Good local products

Good products in a hamburger, it's POSSIBLE! Indeed Aurélien and its employees are only working with local producters.

Cuisine Street's hamburgers it's... bread from the bakery Renault in Auffay, French cheese from local producters, vegetables from the farm of Aupillier in Avremesnil and meat from the butchery Devaux in Auffay.

This Food Truck has a mouthwatering menu but also some "hamburgers of the moment", which permits you to discover new tastes.

Their burgers and chips are home made, with local products of quality and depending of the seasons. Even the mayonnaise is home made!

With meats from animals born, raised and slaughtered in Normandy. They are chosen by the butcher.

When and where can you taste those delicious hamburgers?











 11h45 - 13h45 


 Brico Dépôt 


 Bruno Moto 
 Normandie Sussex

 Place du marché 



Reserved for events


18h45 - 20h30



Place du
 Général de Gaulle 
en Caux 

sur Scie



Hamburger by Cuisine Street

You can also reserve the Food Truck and its employees for a private event, a work event, a product's launch, a birthday, a hen party or a stag party... possible for at least 50 adults!

I tested it several times for you and it's way better than a fast food! The quality, the taste, the specialities... This Food Truck will please everyone, children and adults!

My favorite hamburger of the menu, the Neufchâtel! For cheese lovers, it's a pleasure! With good Neufchâtel from the farm of The Varenne! I recommand it to you warmly!

In the hamburgers of the moment, my favorite is the italian! For me who loves everything which comes from Italy, it's the perfect match! And with real mozzarella of buffala, tasty pancetta and its pesto basil... You will want to eat it more than once!

You can also find Cuisine Street on its internet website, its Facebook and its Instagram!

No more hesitation, my cheat meal is chosen!