Terroir de Caux, a green land !

Introducing Normandy : a land for garden lovers! Come and discover the amazing color palettes of the four beautiful gardens that open their doors to visitors.

Outstanding Gardens (Jardins Remarquables label)

The park of the Bosmelet Castle and the Water Gardens of the Castle of Imbleville are both recognized by the label "Outstanding Gardens".

The Bosmelet Castle was once the dwelling of the Governor of Normandy. It was built on the foundations of a fortress given by Henri VI King of England to Sir John Fastoff, the man who inspired Falstaff, a character from Shakespeare's Henri IV. Besides the Chapel (18th century) and ruins dating from World War Two (a blockhaus and a V1 launching site), the Park is renowned for the beauty of its Orangery and its flower garden as well, and for its 500 year old trees. The Castle is opened for visitors as well, and hosts a permanent exhibition under the theme of the performing arts, that is made off of the Alain Germain collection (costume drawings, sculptures and paintings of opera sets are presented). Temporary exhibitions take place in the Chapel very often.

The Castle of Imbleville truly is the gem of the valley. The castle itself, which one can see from the GR212 hiking trail, isn't opened for visitors, but the mesmerizing Water Garden is, and it is absolutely worth the visit.

A preserved and protected nature

In Auffay, the public park is recognized by the LPO label (a label for wildlife protection), because of the numerous birds that find shelter in it and that you can hear singing in every tree! The Park is opened to visitors all year round. A playground, tables and benches make it the perfect spot for picnics and relaxation. The park is located right next to the Scie, that provides water to a lovely little pond that you can see in the middle of the garden. In the eastern part of the park, you will find a red beech that was planted during the new year celebrations of 2000. This red beech symbolizes Auffay’s original name: Auffay means “Altafagus” in Latin, which means “high beeches”.

Another oasis of green and wildlife : Longueil’s swamp and its hiking path, located between the Saâne and a pond, have a rich fauna and flora. Many guided visits for both adults and children are organized there to explain the visitors everything they need to know about wetland’s wildlife.