Quiberville, a lovely coastal town with the peacefulness of the countryside

A seaside resort since 1895

The town is architecturally quite rich, with numerous seaside villas and fishermen's houses. Quiberville sur Mer became popular during the 19th century with the advent of sea bathing in Dieppe. The town started to build facilities such as beachhuts, hotels, or little shops, but also stunning seaside villas such as La Rafale, that you can admire in the upper part of thetown. Thus Quiberville became a true seaside resort in the late 1800's, and started to be a very touristic town. Nowadays the activities for touristsare still evolving, thanks to the dynamism of the seaside activities, the quality of its traditional gastronomy and the peacefulness of the Norman countryside.

The cliffs of the Alabaster Coast

From within Quiberville to further afield, the opportunities for admiring the stunning coastline and its cliffs are endless. The alabaster coast with its eponymous white colour and the Cap d'Ailly to which clay gives uncommon brownish shades, both live up to their reputation ! On the beach itself, notice the famous pebbles, which we owe to a natural phenomenon that has been happeningover a long period of time: layers of flint fall from the cliffs and become pebbles by rolling under the waves. A unique seashore, ideal for picnics and other activities. But you can also just simply sit and enjoy the view...

For the hiking enthusiasts, the GR 21, as well as the many verified hiking trails that cross the countryside, woods and villages, gives the opportunity to discover the meanders of the Saâne, and to appreciate the many amazing panoramas on top of the cliffs.