With one of the largest stretches of sand at low tide, it is a perfect spot for swimming and sunbathing

Lie down on the pebbles and enjoy being soothed by the sound of the waves. By low or high tide, whether you would like to swim, build sandcastles or anything else; consult our tide tables to find out what the perfect timing for your beach session is.

An accessible seafront

During the season, walking on the pebbles is eased by a wooden path.Lifeguards survey the beach every day in July and August. An amphibian chair (Tiralo) allowes disabled persons to go for a swim easily.

The Quiberville Yachting Club

The sailing school in Quiberville introduces you to the practice of catamaran with five half-day courses in July and August. It also offers the rental of equipment : catamarans, single and double sea kayaks, windsurfers, to enjoy the wave !

Quiberville is also a popular kite-surfing spot !

Wanna go fishing ?

Blend in with the locals and go for a shore fishing session at low tide. Explore the rocks revealed by the tide and search for crabs, mussels, currycombs, winkles, shrimps, spider crabs, or try the traditional fishing method by pushing landing nets between the waves.