Admire the many shades of our colourful cultivated plateaus... a stunning landscape !

Our Valleys and the Alabaster Coast both offer stunning unique landscapes that change and evolve with the rhythm of the seasons.

Because of the diverse types of crops, the fields cover the plateaus with a beautiful variety of tones, from the delicate blue shades of flax fields to the bright yellow of wheat crops, sprinkled with the red of poppies. During spring, apple orchards grow lovely white and pink flowers.

A unique landscape, changing with the seasons

June is the month of flax: the blue flowers bloom a couple of weeks, and are followed by tiny capsules filled with seeds. Normandy is the first flax and linen producer in Europe, and the Pays de Caux is the major area of production.

Later in summer you will be able to observe in the fields the many steps in the preparation of flax: harvesting, scutching, hackling...

During the season, the plateaus get covered by a lovely shade of yellow, and by the agricultural machines of farmers who harvest by day and night.

Autumn is the season for sugar beets, but also for the apples used to produce cider. Autumn colours adorn the trees with beautiful yellow and orange tones.

In winter the activity slows down as the land rests before the start of a new year. Sometimes a snowfall covers the vast fields and plateaus with white.

The best way to discover all these colours and seasonal shades is to go for a hike on the  many cycling lanes, hiking trails and paths in the territory.