During the hike, on loop number 2 of the Terroir de Caux called l'Arbalète  et le Bosmelet from Vassonville, follow the itinerary of 6 interpretive panels and immerse yourself in the world of Gustave Flaubert and more particularly in the first part of the novel Madame Bovary that echoes the territory!

To guide you, these audio tracks will immerse you in the excerpts of the novel read and commented by the Company Le Lire et Le Dire.

Listen to them (in french) online from the player below or download the MP3 tracks to listen offline during your ride!

Below are the MP3 tracks to download (in french only) to listen to it offline.

You are not equipped to play audio tracks? Mp3 players are at your disposal in our offices of the Tourist Office of Auffay-Val-de-Scie, located 21 place du Général de Gaulle near Vassonville ! Book yours on +33(0) or use the text bubble on the bottom right of your screen!